Trade-in Terms & Conditions


The purpose of these Programmes is to provide you with the trade-in value of your used device, where the device means any mobile phone, tablet and/or wearable. Cellucity Pty Ltd, in partnership with Regener8 Group Proprietary Limited (“Regener8”), provides a trade-in quotation tool to you.

Your use of the Tool is subject to these Terms of Use, as may be amended by Cellucity from time to time. The purpose of the Trade-In Tool is to help us evaluate the Trade-In Value of your used device and any promotional credit eligibility that may be relevant to you. If you have any questions about the Programmes or these Terms of Use please contact us at 0214011300, [email protected] or on live chat.



Please read these terms and conditions carefully if you would like to take part in the Trade-In Programme. These terms explain who we are, the terms and conditions we impose.



If you choose to participate in the Trade-In Programme and if we confirm that your Existing Device meets the programme criteria, Regener8 or its agent will arrange to collect the Device from you within 10 working days of the date on which we send the trade-in offer to you.

After Regener8 or its agent have collected your Existing Device from you, and Regener8 has carried out a successful inspection of the Existing Device (ensuring that it meets the Trade-In Programme criteria, and the value has been agreed between both parties, we (or someone we nominate) will become the owner of the Existing Device.

  • When trading-in a mobile device, you are required to handover over the mobile device. You may return the original accessories if you choose but it is not required.
  • When trading-in a wearable device, tablet or laptop you MUST include all the relevant devices’ original accessories. Without your wearable device will NOT BE ELIGIBLE for trade-in and collection thereof will be at your expense.

Further, if you choose to participate in the Trade-In Programme, we will decide whether to give you the trade-in value for your Existing Device in:

(i) the form of a voucher (the terms and conditions of which will comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008) or

(ii) in the form of a product or price discount on a product as part of an agreed trade-in exchange.

(iii) VAT registered businesses trading in more than 10 devices, may on agreement be eligible for an EFT payment for part or all of the trade-in value.


Please ensure that before Regener8 or its agent collects the Existing Device from you, you have:

(i) backed up/saved all the photos, contacts, files and other information that you have stored on the Existing Device,

(ii) performed a “factory reset” on the Existing Device,

(iii) removed the Existing Device from your Google or iCloud account,

(iv) removed the SIM card/s and memory card/s


If you are not available at the time agreed and scheduled with Regener8 or its agent for the collection of the Existing Device, you will have to pay for a courier to collect the Existing Device from you for delivery to Regener8.

We (or our nominee) will securely and permanently wipe all photos, contacts, files and any other information stored on the Existing Device from the Existing Device after 10 working days has passed, i.e. day 1 of the 10 day period is the day on which the Existing Device is collected from you by Regener8.

Regener8 has been nominated by Cellucity to run the Trade-In Programme. Please note that you may be required to download an application that enables us to confirm whether your Existing Device meets our Trade-In Programme criteria, which criteria may change from time to time.

Once a quote has been accepted, VAT registered businesses will be required to furnish us with a VAT invoice for the agreed quote value in accordance with South African legislation.



You agree that neither Cellucity nor Regener8 will be liable for any indirect and/or consequential damages should you choose to use the trade-in programme.

You will not have any recourse to Cellucity for any loss, damage, expenses or claims you suffer as a result of choosing to click on any 3RD party links on the trade-in website.



These terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa. If you use the e-Commerce Platform it means that you agree to the jurisdiction of the South African courts regarding all matters arising under these terms and conditions.

In the case of a dispute, you consent to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court of the Western Cape.