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We will contact you to arrange a Free courier collection.
The courier will collect the device from you. This can take between 3 - 5 working days.
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Once we have final approval from you, we will arrange payment within 2 working days.

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Trade-in's on over 6000 eligible devices

with new devices being added weekly

Laptops: Get up to R13000 back
Smart Phones: Get up to R12000 back
Smart Watches: Get up to R1500 back
Tablets: Get up to R8500 back

Trade-in online or in-store

(Available in RSA only)

Step 1
Complete your "obligation free" online device evaluation or come visit us and one of our expert consultants will assist you.
Step 2
If you accept our offer, clear your device and hand it in in-store or for online trade-ins we will arrange for a courier to collect it.
Step 3
Upon successful technical evaluation, the final value for your device will be confirmed and issued as a discount or a voucher.

Check Trade-in Value

How we calculate your trade-in value

Good Condition and in Working Order
Get up to 100% trade in value if your device is completely functional with minor wear & scratches
Visible Dents and Scratches
Get up to 65% trade-in value if your device is completely functional but has dents and scratches
Cracked, Discoloured or Dead Pixels
Get up to 25% trade-in value if your device is completely functional but with a damaged display
Limited Functionality or No Power
Get up to 10% trade-in value if your device does not switch on or has limited functionality